The opportunity that came to the comedian because the hero did not come .. Jay Beam was lucky to score for the actor in the tenth minute

It is impossible to predict how one’s life will change in no time. This is how a comedy comedian got the chance to be a hero just ten minutes later. Two constables would have played the role of police in the film Jay Beam.

Supergood Subramanian, who has acted as the Head Constable, has got this luck. Supergood Subramanian is well known to us in many comedy films. But he is just growing up to be known to many.

He is already familiar with films like Love Will Pass Away, Series, Rajinimurugan, Mundasupatti. Jaybeam is currently playing the lead villain in the film. Currently he is going to act in the movie Vellimalai.

Ten minutes late for the arrival of the hero in the film, the director and producer started the film by putting him as the hero in the film. Veera Subhash and Anju Krishna co-star with Supergood Subramaniam in Om Vijay’s Ginger.

The film is made as a socially concerned entertainment film that appreciates Siddharth’s uniqueness and his physical and mental strength and their contribution to the good health of the soul. Supergood Subramaniam has played the role of Siddharth in such an important role for the film.

And the whole story of the film is set in a beautiful mountain village so the trailer of this film was released recently and was well received among the fans. Here is the trailer of the movie Gingerbread starring Supergood Subramanian as the hero!

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