The other side of the shocking Wije Chitra .. Many startling facts that came out

Vijay Chitra has impressed the fans by playing the role of Mulla in the popular serial Pandian Stores which is being aired on Vijay TV. Although he has been starring in serials for many years, it was this umbilical cord character that made him more popular among the fans.

Since then, many fans have been celebrating Chitra as their housewife. His rusty speech and childish actions were liked by many. It was in this situation that he committed suicide by hanging himself in the hotel room where he was staying in December 2020.

This came as a shock to everyone, including the iconic community. Her husband Hemnath was arrested and jailed by the police during the investigation of the case. Her husband, who is currently out on bail, has been telling many truths about Chitra.

While fans have suspected that Chitra’s death was not a suicide, she has now claimed that her husband Chitra had links with the former MLA and minister. He has also made a sensational accusation that his life is in danger by them.

In this context, Rekha Nair, who has been expressing various views on Chitra’s death from the beginning, is now saying something that shocks everyone. I mean Chitra you are not as good as everyone thinks.

I was shocked to see that there was a lot of condom in the house where Chitra and her husband were staying. He has said that it is true that Chitra had an affair with a former MLA.

He also said that Chitra had a lot of bad habits including alcoholism and many facts would have come out if his body had been thoroughly examined. Rekha Nair’s statement has caused a stir among the fans.

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