The plight of Tamil cinema .. Rajini, Vijay, Ajith in a safe place

Tamil cinema is currently going to the abyss. That is, people from other states besides those here have come to Tamil cinema and earned it. Further. Are earning. This is a page where films by actors from other states are better received than Tamil films.

That is to say, pictures taken in other languages ​​like Bhagwati, KGF are being put here with gusto. Moreover, the collection also yields good profits. So the actors here also want to go to another state and act in films.

It is the cinema workers here who are most affected by this. Thus, even though everyone is earning well as directors, producers and heroes, Tamil cinema workers are having a hard time. And many great heroes have kept their shootings overseas.

Thus the work of the workers here is depleted. And their livelihoods have also suffered setbacks. In this situation, the workers have repeatedly demanded that no action be taken.

In this situation, it would be good if actors like Rajini, Vijay and Ajith, who are leading actors in Tamil cinema, take action for this. Vijay in particular is currently doing good things like this. In other words, the first phase of shooting for Vijay’s 66th film has been completed in Hyderabad.

In this situation, Vijay has told the film crew that the next phase of shooting should be held in Chennai. Because Vijay has said that many workers will get jobs to shoot here. The workers here will make a living if such great actors are involved in such an endeavor.

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