The pose given by singer Jonita Gandhi to surpass the heroines is very viral

Singer Jonita Gandhi Sellamma Sellamma has become one of the most talked about singers now to be featured in the teaser of Arabic boxing songs.

Fans who have seen the teasers have been expressing their desire to see the heroine material and acting.

Zonita’s journey

Born in Delhi, he moved to Canada and lived there. A song he recorded on a social networking site at the age of 17 was a boost to Jonita’s musical interest.

Mani Ratnam’s Okay Kanmani is the first Tamil song he has sung in Tamil. After 24, he got the chance to sing in the films of great actors in succession such as Fear Is Madness, Air Out, Servant, Doctor, Beast.

Photo shoot

Unreal to everyone in the song world Jonita She is said to be leaving as a heroine soon. The reason is that lately he has been doing a lot of different photo shoots.

Fans who have seen a pose he has given recently have been commenting that it is as if he is giving a dub to the actresses.

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