The principle that flew in the air .. Now the mass hero who plays the role of brother in Vijay 66

The Beast movie directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Commander Vijay has been a hit in the theaters for the last few days. In this case, the update on Vijay’s 66th film is currently going viral on social media.

Since Commander 66 is to be directed by Telugu director Vamsi Bidybili, he has already said that this film will not be an action film. He had declared that it would be a sentimental film full of emotions. In this situation, many unbelievable things are happening in Commander 66 movie.

Sarathkumar in particular plays Vijay’s father. Also in the film, Vijay has two brother characters. As the crew searched for who they were, one was found. The crew is looking for another.

If that one person only agrees with everything then he is going to play the role of Vijay’s brother. That one is no other than a hero who robbed people of their minds in the 80s.

They have kept playing the role of a brother till now as the gangster was tied up that he would only act as a hero. He’s Mike Mohan and no one else. She was once the dream man of women.

But only SN Surender is giving him a voice. If he agrees Mike Mohan is the brother character. The crew is still looking for a brother character.

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