The reaction to Ilayaraja who was not submissive to anyone .. Captain who helped and showed support

The book Ambedkar and Modi was published on the 14th, the birthday of legislator BR Ambedkar. Composer Ilayaraja wrote the foreword to this book. In it, he noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans were in line with Ambedkar’s thinking.

Prime Minister Modi has been taking various measures regarding social justice. He said that Ambedkar and Modi were the biggest dreamers of India. Ilayaraja’s comments comparing Ambedkar to Modi have drawn sharp criticism from many political parties.

Musician Ilayaraja has categorically stated that he will not withdraw his comments on Modi-Ambedkar, amid calls for Ilayaraja to withdraw his opinion. Some opposed this view and some commented in his favor.

Actor and Temujin founder Vijaykanth has written a post on his Twitter page in this regard. In it, he said, “Annal Ambedkar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and musician Ilayaraja were born into an ordinary family and are still role models for everyone in his field.

A sun, a moon. Similarly no one here can be compared. They are the net for them. It is a great honor to accept Ilayaraja’s opinion with the lofty aim of personal freedom of expression and not to criticize and hurt him. ” As mentioned.

The ruling DMK has not yet commented on the Ilayaraja affair. Similarly, there was no reaction from the opposition AIADMK. In this situation, the Communist Party has opposed Ilayaraja’s opinion and the Temujin side has expressed its support for Ilayaraja.

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