The reappearance of Samantha known only to Naga Chaitanya .. Samantha who gave a shock to the fans

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha were married in 2017 with the consent of the family. But the news of their divorce last year shocked everyone. The two also announced that they were splitting up. Many news items were published on the internet as to what was the reason for their division.

It is said that the couple got divorced because of Samantha’s sexy acting in films after her marriage. Similarly, Samantha performed a sexy dance to a song in the movie Pushpa starring Allu Arjun. The song was well received among the fans.

But Nagashitanya also said nothing wrong about Samantha. Similarly Samantha did not say anything wrong about her husband Nagashitanya. In fact, Samantha had said that she did not want alimony after the divorce. Thus the fans are confused as to what is the reason for this division.

But now Samantha has shared some things about Nagashitanya. I mean everyone who came into my life only saw that Samantha was a successful actress. But only Nagashitanya saw Samantha who was none of this.

Thus Naga Chaitanya is always special to me. He has been my best friend. Samantha’s statement that the friendship will never end has taken many by surprise.

The question also arises as to why Samantha, who has so much love for Nagashitanya till now, agreed to the divorce. It has also been reported on the internet that Naga is arranging a second marriage to Chaitanya.

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