The reason for the failure of the Beast movie is KGF2va .. Pakir report released

The Beast movie starring Vijay was released on April 13 last week with huge anticipation. But contrary to that expectation the film has been facing many negative reviews since its release.

Even those who initially said the film was good are now talking as if the film is not good. The main reason for this is the release date of the movie Beast. Because the KGF2 movie was released the next day to compete with this.

The film, starring Kannada actor Yash, is currently attracting a large number of fans. The first part of the film has already been released and has been well received by the fans. Currently, the second part of the release is shaking the bar.

Thus the film has been running as Housefull shows until now in all the theaters where it was released. This is why the Beast movie is currently experiencing the biggest decline. Maybe if the film had been released a week later it would have definitely been a hit movie.

And as soon as the release date of the KGF film was announced, the films of many leading actors were also postponed to next month. Thus the Beast movie was also expected to be postponed. But the production company bravely stepped down in the hope that it could turn a profit anyway.

It caused a stir on screen but also caused quite a stir. This also increased the anticipation on the Beast film. Some things like this are the reason for the current criticism. Product management could have escaped such criticism if only a little thought and action had been taken.

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