The salary that Vijay bought in the first film .. but now if you ask the salary, you get dizzy

He has created a huge fan base not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Kerala. If his films are released, Colossi will be in a place where even live Malayalam films will not be able to postpone the release of their film.

Despite the mixed reviews of Beast, Vijay’s personality has managed to gross over Rs 200 crore with a star image of Vijay. Despite the release of the hit film KGF, the film did not have any impact on Beast.

Following Beast, Commander is set to star in a live Telugu film to push his market into Telugu. The film is being produced in both Tamil and Telugu. Directed by Vamsi Baidipally, the film stars Vijay opposite Rashmika Mandana, Sarathkumar, Shyam and Brahmanandam.

Telugu filmmaker Dil Raju has paid Vijay around Rs 120 crore to star in the film. It was recently officially announced. With this, Vijay has surpassed Rajini as the highest paid actor in South India. His father and famous director SA Chandrasekhar’s earlier mentioned about Vijay’s first salary flying the flag is going viral.

Vijay has been in the film industry since childhood. Vijay earned his first salary of 500 rupees in 1984 for the hit film. The SAC also said that 500 is the largest amount for a child artist. The salary was paid to him by the actor and producer Mr. He also said that they are BS Veerappa.

It was a big deal to buy a baby star for Rs 500 in those days and Vijay did it in his first film. Despite many accusing him of being overpaid, some support him as his collections continue to exceed Rs 400 crore.

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