The scenes that stand out in my mind till today .. Shankar who taught Tamil cinema

Director Shankar’s films, which are the epitome of greatness in Tamil cinema, show his full imagination on screen to prove himself as an artist and call him ‘Steven Spielberg’. This is the American film director who won the Oscar for Best Director. So the graphics parties in the films directed by Shankar are still in the minds of the fans to this day and he is a role model for future young directors.

Gentleman: Released in 1993, the film stars Arjun Madhu in the lead role. In the song ‘Chikku Bukku Riley’, Prabhu Deva is doing awkward graphics like smoke coming from the ear.

Boyfriend: In this film also starring Prabhu Deva-Nagma duo, Shankar would have done a lot of tricks with Prabhu Deva in the film. Besides, there is no Dillalangadi work that he did not do in the song ‘Mukkala Mukkapula’.

Jeans: The 1998 romantic film starring Prasanth-Aishwarya Rai condemned the wonders of the world in the song ‘Hira Hira Hirappa’ and used a lot of graphics in the Columbus song. And Shankar was the only one to bring the first dinosaur to the screen.

Indian: The action film starring Kamal Haasan, directed by Shankar, was released in 1996 as an action film. The graphics used by Shankar in ‘Maya Machindra’ are excellent.

First: Directed by Shankar and starring Arjun, this film is also a film that shows Shankar’s magnificent movement. The first of these is that the song has a graphic regime with complete snake stages.

எந்திரன்: The whole graphics documentary with superstar Rajinikanth portraying the robot as the protagonist does not even say this.

Thus, the graphics of Shankar’s feature film have become the films that captivate the fans in his own style and inspire the fans to watch it in repeat mode today.

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