The second part of the upcoming super hit film starring Ajith and Vijay .. The story is all radium

Ajith and Vijay are currently seen as rivals in Tamil cinema. When the pictures of these two actors are released there is a lot of conflict of opinion on the internet between their fans. And to this day it remains a saga.

Initially, Vijay and Ajith acted together in two or three films. But after that they did not get a chance to act together. And both of them have been giving many hit films as Mass Actors alone.

In this situation, the news that Vijay and Ajith are going to act together again is going viral on the internet. That is, the blockbuster hit film Mankatha directed by Venkatprabhu and starring Ajith. Fans have been questioning Venkat Prabhu as to when the second part of the film will be.

Venkatprabhu, who is currently responding to it, has also prepared the second part of the story even better than the first part. I wish I could just take this story with both Ajith and Vijay. And I told both of them the story of Mankatha 2 movie.

Also, Venkat Prabhu has said that he hopes that Mankatha 2 will be made soon. This information has caused excitement among the fans. It has been many years since Ajith and Vijay were seen on the same screen.

It is expected that this will be possible soon due to this initiative of Venkatprabhu. But both Ajith and Vijay are busy in their films separately. So even after they agreed to act, the film would only be made if they both got the callsheet.

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