The Sky is Everywhere movie review: Apple’s Valentine’s Day offering is a visually ambitious charmer


Aided by director Josephine Decker’s trademark aptitude and simplest sufficient gravity to resolve the honor of adults apart from its blueprint tween target market, The Sky is All over is a young adult drama with visual ambition to spare. Now not just like the flicks of Wes Anderson or Michel Gondry, which deliberately veil their ideal nature below layers of superficial quirk, The Sky is All over is, firstly, a legend about grief—a film that looks to be and sounds fancy an Instagram Reel but has the emotional heft of 1 in all Keanu Reeves’ gigantic proclamations about life and demise.

“Those that treasure us will cross over us,” Reeves acknowledged in an straight away-viral look on Steven Colbert’s display conceal just a few years within the past, eliciting an audible gasp from the studio target market. And that is the sentiment that The Sky is All over strives to evoke, because it sneaks up on you while quietly grasping for profundity.

Adapted by Jandy Nelson from her hold unusual, it tells the legend of the 17-365 days-susceptible clarinet prodigy Lennie Walker, who is reeling from the devastation of all straight away shedding her sister Bailey to the an identical illness that took the lifetime of their mother after they had been young of us. Lennie (performed by an very ideal Grace Kaufman) lives along with her grandmother in an nearly fantastical apartment within the center of the Californian woods, surrounded by majestic rose gardens, pretty creeks and winding woodland pathways. Jason Segel plays her uncle Gigantic, a pot-smoking dreamer whose apparent aimlessness is given a heartbreaking clarification deep within the film’s third act.

As she grapples with grief—Lennie refuses to enable her grandmother to tidy her ineffective sister’s room and again and again slips into magic realist recollections of their childhood—she finds herself drawn to 2 boys. Toby is her sister’s susceptible boyfriend, who has taken to visiting them day-to-day and factual hanging around the apartment as he navigates his hold disappointment, and the magnificently named Joe Fontaine, a heartthrob musician who in any respect times looks to stroll around with a highlight intellectual on him. Somewhat actually.

It’s a standard YA plight-up; one who we’ve seen in the whole lot from the a lot-maligned Twilight movies to Netflix’s very ideal recent sequence By no means Have I Ever—the latter’s treasure triangle even has a grieving female protagonist, as stop the To All the Boys movies, but they don’t essentially dwell on it. The Sky is All over, nonetheless, belongs—on the least thematically—to a beautiful overlooked subgenre of American teen cinema.

Both The Spectacular Now, and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl had been phenomenal Sundance hits per books. And both movies, while geared toward an admittedly older target market, dealt with some pretty intense complications, such as alcoholism and abandonment, identification and mortality. Can a movie fancy The Sky is All over, which is so on the whole so eloquent about matters of life and demise, continue to exist in an ambiance that has been rotten by three Kissing Booth movies? It’s hard to speak. And I marvel if being on Apple TV presents it a stopping probability.

But a stopping probability is precisely what an oddity such as The Sky is All over deserves. Messing up is k, it says, heartbreakingly exuding exactly the make of elder sibling energy that Lennie is missing in her life. She learns and grows thru her mistakes, and as fanciful as just a few of the film’s visuals are, it’s (nearly) in any respect times rooted in a relatable emotional truth.

That is due, in gigantic share, to Kaufman’s magnetic central efficiency, which on the whole reels the film in when Decker’s visual language teeters on the point of abstraction.

Its vibrant unprejudiced doesn’t con you into pondering that the movie is a young of us’s fantasy, nonetheless it no doubt softens the blow when the wallop of emotion strikes within the film’s final act. Imagine it as a shut cousin to JA Bayona’s A Monster Calls, a criminally unnoticed movie that the majority of us don’t even know exists.

Fancy that film, The Sky is All over has obliging compassion for its characters, and no longer once does it utilize them for its hold disagreeable purposes. The commodification and aestheticisation of grief is an valid ingredient, but The Sky is All over needs no share of it. It’s one other high-notch addition to Apple’s very ideal roster of recent programming, and an on-label winner that the indie powerhouse A24 can add to its library of elegant, auteur-driven hits.

The Sky is All over

Director – Josephine Decker

Cast – Grace Kaufman, Jason Segel, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon, Pico Alexander

Rating – 3/5

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