The song ‘Bhabi’ from the movie ‘Maa’ in the voice of late Sardul Sikandar will be released on May 6.

Chandigarh (Bureau) – The movie ‘Maa’ is all set to release in theaters. Dedicated to mothers, the film is set to release on May 6 on Mother’s Day. The producers of the film, in collaboration with Humble Motion Pictures and Omji Star Studios, are presenting their upcoming film ‘Maa’, produced by Ravneet Kaur Grewal and Gippy Grewal. Bhana L. A. And co-produced by Vinod Aswal.

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The first two released songs of the film ‘Maa’, ‘Rabb Da Roop’ and ‘Har Janam’ have already formed an unbreakable bond between the film and the audience. Now the producers have released the third song ‘Bhabi’ on Saga Hits, sung by the legendary and incomparably beloved singer duo Amar Noori and the late Sardul Sikandar.

The treasure trove of songs that the late Sardul Sikandar ji has given us till date can probably never be described in words. He has been instrumental in keeping folk songs alive. Through the film ‘Maa’ we have once again got a chance to hear his voice, where he performed the song ‘Bhabi’ with his wife Amar Noori.

The music of the song has been composed by Desi Crew and the song has been written by Happy Raikoti. Introducing the old-fashioned vibe, the song is set in a colorful wedding sequence on a Western-style live stage show. Amidst all the emotional bonds, this song is an explosion that will delight the listeners and make us feel like Sardul ji. The producers of ‘Ardas’ and ‘Ardas Karan’ have created an atmosphere of warmth in the audience with their back-to-back released songs.

Get ready to see this unique story ‘Mother’ on May 6, 2022 to celebrate Mother’s Day around the world.

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