The story behind the creation of the Shakira and Bizarrap song

The South American interpreter has been in charge of preparing a song that goes around the world in just seconds with each of her attacks on the former soccer player, but she is not the only one who receives a few criticisms in the tiradera, but her new partner, Clara Chia Marti It is also mentioned repeatedly.

The amalgamation of hints —or very direct ones—, mentioning his ex and his new girlfriend, the production of Bizarrap and the interpretation of Shakira, have made the video published on Wednesday, January 11 in Youtubehas accumulated millions of views in a short period of time. A great goal from midfield, as they would say in the atmosphere of Gerard Piqué.

The Story Of The Creation Of The Song

Shakira and Bizarrap’s song has a series of attacks and demonstrations of what the singer feels from the beginning to the end, which is why the lyrics have established themselves as one full of great references, so its creation has meant a great deal. work of all parties, including composer Keityn .

The Colombian known as “El Lápiz de Oro” is the one who, precisely,in an interview with “El Molusco”has given many more details of the moment of creation of the composition, which contains several things that Shakira had inside herself and that she wanted to express in this musical theme marked by spite and a way to start a new life.

Shakira had already written many sentences

The South American composer revealed that Shakira had some things to say in the song and that she had already devised the phrases that are finally heard. Her job and Bizarrap’s job was to help all that rhyme to give each of the verses and chorus a better harmony.

“She had a little bit of writing that she wanted to say, I just helped her rhyme. In the chorus part we had something different, like more robotized, like more with effect, but Shakira decided to leave it more natural, we had the idea and Shakira put her stamp on it , ”Keityn revealed.

In the same way, he pointed out that there were some words that did not appear in the song in order to avoid problems. “We were looking for the point, not overstepping the line, but not sounding smooth either,” she added.

It wasn’t all Shakira’s doing

Although the Colombian is the one who gave most of the ideas for what is said in the song, not everything was from her handwriting, since there were some points that underwent modifications.

“’I only make music, sorry I splashed you’. I came up with a similar idea, it said ‘it needs more spice’, I don’t know if it was Bizarrap or Shakira who said ‘let’s make salt-pique’” , she commented on one of the key phrases.

Of course, in the part in which reference is made to the name of Gerard Piqué’s new partner, all the credit is given to the Colombian. “’He has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like.’ The initial idea for her was hers, but between the two of us we fit, but I do tell you that it is from my girl, ” he commented.

The spite, the main theme

Keityn assured that Shakira’s intention was to show her spite and all the feelings that she had inside herself and that they have been accumulating over the last few months, since her separation from Gerard Piqué was announced and all the problems that this brought him as a consequence.

“She wanted that and always has ever since we put out Monotony and all that back and forth. The truth is that we are getting flow like this, obviously we are already opening up, we are doing new things”, indicated the 26-year-old composer.

According to what Keityn expressed, the Colombian singer is very happy with the results of the song she has released with the Argentine producer Bizarrap . However, she has tried to disconnect from the world these days due to the good and bad reviews in the media and social networks.

“She is very happy, we did not expect this acceptance, she tries not to get too involved in what is happening, because since there are good reviews, there are also bad, strong ones, she tries to disconnect a bit,” she said.

Bzrp Music Sessions #53 With Shakira

Watch the video clip of the song that is giving people talk, performed by Shakira and produced by the Argentine Bizarrap.

What Was Clara Chia Marti’s Reaction To The “Bzrp Music Session #53″?

According to the journalist Salva Garcia, Clara Chia Marti has ​​a public profile on Instagram . From there, on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the young woman would have been making various publications that many attribute as a reaction to the release of Shakira’s ” BZRP Music Session #53″ .

The first of the stories that was spread from the account was an emoji, that of a tired face . For some users, this is a hint at the launch of the Colombian. Through this figure, Clara would insinuate that her composition and its release “made her sleepy”

What Was The Reaction Of Gerard Piqué’s Mother To Shakira’s Song?

Although Gerard Piqué’s mother has remained silent about the separation of her son and Shakira, this time she did react to the new song by the Colombian singer with Bizarrap.

Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart surprised with a couple of “likes” two Twitter posts related to Shakira’s song that leave her son Gerard Piqué in a bad light.


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