The story rejected by 3 heroes .. Bala is a fear

Director Bala is someone who looks at Tamil cinema from slightly different angles than other directors. The climax scenes in all his films are negative. The actor and actresses who star in the film have mostly won national awards.

Thus the hero will make the heroines live as the protagonist of the film. Director Bala says that no matter what the character is, it should be shown on the screen in its original form. Thus most of his films will be critically acclaimed.

Bala’s first film was Sethu. It was only after many struggles that Bala finished taking the picture. Actor Vignesh was the first to star in the film. He and Bala are the same roommates. Vignesh was unable to act in the film due to many problems.

Vignesh still regrets thinking about it. Bala Sethu has told the story of the film with two more heroes besides Vignesh. Those heroes also refused to star in the film Sethu.

That hero is none other than the actor Murali who went by the name of romantic films. Another was Emperor J.D. He has played the role of villain in many films. Emperor has acted in many films like Arima Nambi, Samar, Kissing on the Cheek.

The opportunity came to Vikram when all these people refused. Vikram had done the role neatly. Sethu also bought him the name Sian Vikram. Sethu is also the turning point in Vikram’s screen career.

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