The story that no director has touched in Tamil cinema till now .. Director Sudha Kongara’s next action

Director Sudha Kongara

Director Sudha Kongara has earned a special place for herself in the Tamil film industry with her films.

His films The Final Round and Suraraiporu became blockbusters.

Following this, Sudha is currently directing a remake of the upcoming film Suraraipporru in Hindi.

He himself had already said that Surya will be acting next in his direction.

The story that no one touched

In this case, before filming with Surya, he will be directing a new storyline. Yes, before independence women had no knowledge of medicine.

Thus, they were told not to join the medicine. Sudha Kongara will direct the story of a woman who proved that women are also doctors.

It is noteworthy that Sudha has chosen a storyline that no one has touched in Tamil cinema till now.

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