The student who incited the violence .. The celebrity who complained

Apprentice Ranganathan runs a YouTube channel through which he talks about the private affairs of the actor and actresses in an obscene manner. This is highly anticipated among screen celebrities. Yet no one came forward to complain to the apprentice.

Thus the apprentice went away and continued to engage in such activities. Radhika retaliated against Payalvan who had recently spoken ill of Radhika’s mother. But regardless of that the apprentice had put this up as a video as well.

This is why his YouTube channel has millions of followers. But now producer K Rajan has lodged a complaint against the apprentice. In the complaint, the actor has been spreading false rumors that he is leaking secrets against the actresses.

Thus the actor and actresses have been suffering from a lot of stress and suffering. The learner is constantly engaged in such heinous acts without even noticing it. The trainee who recently even gave an interview to a YouTube channel said no one can do anything to me.

I was intimidated as a drunkard that if someone came to attack me I would cut their necks with a scythe. His speech is provocative. But the actor, who was victimized by the apprentice, said the actresses are afraid to complain about him.

That is why we have now come to the commissioner’s office and lodged a complaint, ”the producer said. He has also asked for legal action against the trainee. But it remains to be seen whether the police will take any action against the apprentice.

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