The successful director who is going to direct Karthi .. the villain who is going to make people stunned

Karthi is currently finishing her acting career in the movie Viruman directed by Muthiah. Following that he has been starring in films like Ponni’s Selvan and Sardar. Recently he has been acting in a selection of many good movies to attract fans.

In that sense, his performance in films like Viruman, Sardar and Ponni’s Selvan, which will be released this year, has raised the expectations of the fans. In this case, the information about Karthi’s 24th film has been released.

That means director Rajamurugan, who has directed great works like Karthi Joker and Cuckoo, will be acting next in the direction. The Joker, directed by a journalist and writer, won the National Film Award for Best Picture.

In that sense he is a prominent figure in Tamil cinema. He is currently writing the script for the film Commander 66 and has already written the script for the Karthi starrer Doha.

Rajamurugan, who has been preparing a story for a long time, is now almost certain to direct Karthi. Another special actor is Vijay Sethupathi who is going to play a major role.

More recently he has been acting not only as a hero but also as a villain and character. It is said that Vijay Sethupathi, who has acted as a villain for leading actors like Vijay, Rajini and Kamal, is going to play a villain for Karthik in this film.

However, the official information is expected to be released soon. Karthi, who is currently busy acting in Sardar movie, will finish the film and soon be teaming up with Rajamurugan.

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