The terrible longings of Maria Matsel come true in the trailer of the series “Black Cloud”

The Okko service also announced the premiere date.

Online cinema Okko presented a full-fledged trailer for the mystical series “Black Cloud” starring Maria Matsel and Philip Yankovsky. At the same time, the official premiere date was announced in the video – the eight-part psychological thriller starts on September 7 on Okko.

The main character is twenty-year-old Olya (Matsel). She has a very difficult character and is constantly irritable and wishes death to anyone who makes her angry. This long list includes many people, including a mother, an elderly teacher of the institute, a best friend, a boyfriend and a father who disappeared from her life in early childhood. Others consider her evil, so Olya seeks out a psychotherapist (Yankovsky), in whose sessions she shares her experiences and vents her anger. Soon the unexpected happens – people to whom the girl wished death tragically begin to die, but instead of relief, Olya is horrified and immersed in conjectures, as is her doctor.

The director of “Black Cloud” was Karen Hovhannisyan (“Abrupt Change”, “Survival Game”), and the script was written by Daria Gratsevich (dilogy “Serf”, “Without Me”). The parents of the main character were played by Victoria Tolstoganova and Yuri Kolokolnikov. The rest of the cast of the show consisted of Mariana Spivak, Ekaterina Koroleva, Pavel Chernyshev, Angelina Pakhomova, Alexey Rozin and Svetlana Kamynina.

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