The test for Vadivelu movie .. Beast, Doctor movie is the viral trend following

Vadivelu is currently back in action after the red card ban was lifted. Suraj is directing and starring in the film Dog Seker Returns. The film is nearing completion. The film also stars Vadivelu alongside Big Boss Sivani.

In this case, a major update on the film has been released. 4 to 6 songs will be featured in a film in a period in Tamil cinema. We would have seen it hit some pictures just for the songs.

But now the songs are being cut as the length of the film is too long. Currently some films feature only 2 or 3 songs. That said, the songs did not feature much in Nelson’s Beast and Doctor films.

Especially after the end of the film only one song is put. They also use that song as a promo song. That means the song Sellamma which was featured in Sivakarthikeyan Doctor will come last only after the completion of the film.

Similarly, in the recently released Vijay’s Beast film, the song Jalio Gymkhana came just after the completion of the film. But both these songs were well received among the fans. And this is exactly what Nelson is using as a tactic.

In this case, there is only one song in Vadivelu’s dog Shaker Returns. Vadivelu and Sivani both danced to the song after the film was over. The crew also plans to use the song as a promo song.

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