The test that came to Mount Road by Ajith movie .. AK61 which is developing tremendously

Ajith is currently starring in the Vinod directed AK AK61 movie. The shooting of the film is currently in full swing. For this, a huge set has been put up at the Ramojirao Stadium in Hyderabad.

The gigantic set is set on nearly 9 acres. On those nine acres, a huge bank is being set up. It may come as a surprise to many that this is such a huge seta for a bank.

But with this bank, the whole story is going to be taken in a moving way. According to the story, the film is about a robbery that takes place in its entirety. That’s why such a huge set is being put together just to make it realistic.

Producer Bonnie Kapoor has poured a lot of money into this. This bank is on Mount Road. So the producer has decided to take the picture by putting the mount rod as a whole set. That is why they are filming in Hyderabad with such a big set.

It is also said that the crew is getting a lot of attention for these scenes. Especially since these scenes are expected to be very realistic in terms of liking the fans.

Netizens who have heard that such a huge mountain road is currently being developed in Hyderabad are wondering if this is a test for Mount Road.

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