The thing that Vijay did for the pet .. The secret revealed by the manager

The Beast movie starring Vijay is currently out. He will next be seen in a bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu. In this situation, Vijay is currently in Mumbai with the finished film Beast.

His manager has posted all the photos he has with his family there. And the question now is whether this is normal tourism or is there any reason behind it.

Investigating it has revealed some information behind it. That means Vijay’s pet brother Aadli is currently directing a Hindi movie with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The film is being shot in Mumbai. It is said that this is the reason behind Vijay going to Mumbai. Vijay has acted in many successful films under the direction of Aadli, including Theri, Mersal and Bikil.

In that sense, Audley is not only his favorite director but also his brother. Based on this, there are rumors that Vijay is going to play a guest role in a Hindi film directed by Aadli. That is why it is said that Vijay is currently flying to Mumbai soon after finishing the movie Beast.

Though no official announcement has been made about this, the chances of Vijay starring in the film are 100 per cent real. Because Vijay will definitely not deny when both Aadli and Shah Rukh Khan call.

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