The Tinder Swindler review: Netflix’s true crime documentary subverts the genre in empowering ways


Repeatedly thrilling and surprisingly empowering, Netflix‘s The Tinder Swindler tells the nearly-inconceivable myth of three females who went buying for Prince Charming on a courting app, however ended up falling for someone devour the Bunty Chor personality from Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! as an different.

Slickly directed by Felicity Morris and structured in a potential that ensures curveballs defend coming at you proper till the very pause, The Tinder Swindler is the roughly movie that, ironically ample, will power you to soar on-line and spend in a discussion about it with total strangers the minute you’re done watching.

And it used to be with a identical desire in her coronary heart—to with out a doubt feel linked to at least one other person—that Cecilie, a 20-one thing from Norway, grew to turn into attracted to the field of on-line courting. She describes herself in the movie as comparatively of a Tinder expert, and blushes comparatively as she finds she has matched with over 1000 of us on the app.

One amongst them used to be a businessman named Simon Leviev. His profile didn’t elevate any alarms, however it with out a doubt looked devour he used to be selling his wealth and jet-setting standard of living. Cecilie did what any rational person would; she googled him. And to her surprise (and relief), he checked out. They determined to exit for espresso. Over the next month, he courted her devour the very theory of courtship used to be about to exit of vogue. He took her to admire dinners, flew her over to whichever nook of Europe he used to be at in that moment, and methodically seduced her into falling in like with him.

And then, suddenly, he requested for some money. His ‘enemies’ had been after him, and so that they wished him ineffective. Now, this is the exact moment the place you and I’d inquire of crimson flags. However Cecilie didn’t. And there’s nothing that we can pause about that. Obvious, hindsight is a luxurious, however it is a must to undergo in mind that Cecilie used to be a girl in like. And that she used to be dealing with a occupation legal.

It’s quickly printed that Simon had pulled identical cons at some level of Europe, with potentially dozens upon dozens of females (three of whom seem in the movie), and stolen an estimated $10 million from them. For what? To live neatly.

And that’s the cruel irony on the centre of this myth. Simon didn’t commit his alleged crimes attributable to any interior most causes. He went about his cons clinically, pushed by a pathological dedication to fetch his system, no subject the (human) heed.

It’s no surprise that the movie counts Bart Layton as one of many federal government producers. Layton, pointless to claim, would possibly perchance presumably perchance be absolute top known for his 2012 docudrama The Imposter, which used to be about perchance one of many most irascible con artists of the 21st century. Combining dramatic recreations with exact documentary footage, the movie educated the myth of the French self assurance trickster Frédéric Bourdin, who by some means impersonated a missing American boy, and in level of fact moved in with his ‘family’ after being ‘found’.

The Tinder Swindler has a identical sinful quality, however in tone and model, it’s of a half with assorted blockbuster Netflix documentaries such as Fyre: The Ideal Birthday celebration That Never Befell and The Legend of Cocaine Island.

At assorted aspects, the females compare their pickle to being in a movie. Cecilie describes her first meeting with Simon as one thing straight out of a romantic comedy. Later, one other of his ‘victims’, Ayleen, says she felt devour she used to be in a scare movie when she came at some level of that she’d been lied to.

What makes The Tinder Swindler vastly better than your average flavour-of-the-week correct crime documentary is its admirable dedication to no longer take a seat on the fence about your total thing. None of us must be reminded of proper what number of correct crime documentaries profit on crimes committed (mostly) against females. The place an immoral movie would indulge in merely educated the myth in a sleazy system, perchance even taking a victim-blaming tone, The Tinder Swindler turns the myth on its head and focuses on the human-pastime perspective on the coronary heart of this shocking crime myth. From a by-the-numbers thriller, it transforms in its closing moments into feminist revenge saga. And boy, is it gratifying to gaze.

It’s also significant to existing how, even after having their faith in decency systematically dismantled by a conman, the females are tranquil idealistic about bringing him to justice. They journey to the clicking, convinced that telling their myth to the field will change issues. And positively, the movie is edited in a potential that suggests it did. The Tinder Swindler is the rare correct crime documentary that has minimal involvement of the police, or any form of regulation enforcement agency the least bit. As an different, it affords journalists a the truth is-earned moment in the sun.

There’s an extremely riveting stretch in the third act, at some level of which a consortium of three journalists lands up at Simon’s of us’ residence in Tel Aviv, and confront his mother (?) about his crimes.

The movie potentially won’t have an effect on Match Community stock, however it’ll most with out a doubt inspire some challenging on-line chatter for the next couple of weeks, perchance even on Tinder.

The Tinder Swindler

Director – Felicity Morris

Ranking – 4/5

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