The Top TikTok Gifts of 2021 Have Gone Viral for a Reason

The Top TikTok Gifts of 2021 Have Gone Viral for a Reason
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Hello! You’ve most likely landed here because you just searched “TikTok gifts” on your browser. Now, what is a “TikTok gift,” beyond a combination of words one Googles in order to find out what the hell to buy their niece or nephew for the holidays? Let us enlighten you, if you haven’t had the pleasure of draining hours of your life scrolling endlessly on the platform yourself.

Often, like a new dance or recipe trend, specific products go viral on TikTok. One user will rave about something, like Amazon leggings that accentuate your behind, for example, and before you know it, your entire feed (your For You page, if you want the correct TikTok terminology) is covered in people testing that product out for themselves. Many of these items are small life hacks, perfect little gifts for Secret Santa or stocking stuffers.

So if you’re looking to show you’re hip and in the know with the kids these days, look no further than one of these 16 TikTok gift ideas.

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Hot Chocolate Bombs



Hot chocolate bombs were all the rage last holiday season, and are as delicious as they are visually pleasing. Simply drop in a cup of milk and let the magic happen. 

Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask

Glow Recipe


This face mask from Glow Recipe is the talk of the BeautyTok town, if you have a skincare junkie on your list. 

Gua Sha Massage Tool

Throw one of these in for the skincare obsessed, too. This tool went viral for its stated ability to boost lymphatic drainage and increase circulation to the face to improve skin. 

Handheld Milk Frother



So they can relive the trends of early quarantine days and whip their coffee—see what we mean here—even if they’re probably too young to be drinking coffee regularly. 

Mini Ice Cube Trays

You know the perfect crushed ice that comes out of those fast food chain soda machines? This tray creates the closest thing you can get to that at home, and it’s all the rage online. 

Ring Light with Tripod

True TikTok success requires the proper equipment. 

Charcuterie Board Set

They can’t practice their internet-worthy charcuterie skills without the right board. 

Watermelon Slicer and Baller



TikTok has also evolved beyond cutting fruit with knives. Get with the times! 

Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Clear Rainbow Ring

Bon Bon Whims


If you’re looking for a trendy accessory, fun, chunky rings are the way to go. 

Wireless Charging Station

Say farewell to loose phone charger cords all over the place. 

Shower Head

This affordable shower head went viral for its wildly powerful pressure, as well as its filtration system.  

3D LED Wall Clock



This digital clock is the slightly more useful sibling of the neon sign, a favorite among TikTokers.

Electric Candle Lighter

These are truly game-changing devices for anyone who frequently burns candles. They’ll never risk the wellbeing of their thumb while lighting a candle again. 

Mini Bag Sealer

No one likes stale chips. This viral bag sealer can help. 

Dip Clip

If they eat a lot of meals in the car on the way to school, this fan-mounted dip container can eliminate the whole “packets of ketchup on a napkin in a lap” method, which we can all agree is not a good one. 

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