The ultimate pressure given by Soundarya .. Rajinikanth is ready for a different model of thinking

Recently Rajini has been waiting for a mass story. It is safe to say that Annatha’s film did not reach that many people. So lately Rajini has been coming offset.

Rajini has been listening to the story of many new directors with the inspiration to give a quality film next somehow. It is rumored that Nelson Dileepkumar, the director of Beast, has a story for Rajini and has sent a message to Rajinikanth’s cousin Anirudh to tell him the story.

Anirudh has put extreme pressure on Soundarya to somehow get a photo opportunity for her friend Nelson. It seems that Rajini and Nelson agreed to listen to the story due to the pressure given by them.

It is in this context that Nelson’s Beast film has been released and is receiving negative reviews. Rajini, who saw the special screening of the film, did not comment on the film.

Thus it is not known whether the film was liked or liked by Rajini. But as the film is getting negative reviews, it seems that Sun Pictures has told Rajini that if you have faith, you can hire someone else as a director if you can make this film.

In such a scenario, it is doubtful whether Rajini will act in Nelson’s film. Rajini was the only one who decided on his cinematic career. But for the first time, the film’s leader agreed to listen to his family’s voice. Thus It remains to be seen whether Rajinikanth, who has a lot of ideas, will make a different decision or direct the next film with Nelson. This is the first time in Rajinikanth’s screen career that a director has been replaced before a decision can be made.

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