The video is a disgusting recipe on foot .. Venpa under extreme pressure!

Kannamma, who has been a chef for so many days on Vijay TV’s Bharathikannamma serial, is currently working as an admin officer at the hospital where Bharathi works. And Kannamma, who used to take lunch to Hema every day and feed him, suddenly longs for Kannamma thinking of Kannamma who has joined this work.

Thus Soundarya, Lakshmi and Hema are both taken to the hospital where Kannamma works. After that Hema saw Bharathi and bought the phone from Bharathi so that she could play with it and eat with the cook.

At that time Venpa phoned Bharathi and immediately told Hema Kannamma, ‘Venpa Aunty often calls and makes my father tense. Strictly tell him not to call my dad anymore ‘Bharathi handed over the phone to Kannamma and left as Hema Lakshmi called.

So Venpa, who is on the other side of the phone, is shocked to see Kannamma on the video leg. Venpa is lamenting that Bharathi has not heard a word about it even after his release as the police have already taken Venpa before his eyes.

Venpaa is extremely clumsy as Kannamma Bharathi’s phone rang this time. Kannamma, who normally hates Venpaa, is now going to the police station to ambush everything Venpaa got on and off.

Besides, Venpa’s mother is looking for a groom for Venpa, and Kannamma is going to dissolve Venpa. So we are going to watch the quality incident where Kannamma Venpa clashes in the Bharathikannamma serial airing today.

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