The work done by serial actor Sanjeev- Alya Manasa without the knowledge of daughter Aila

Sanjeev and Alia Mansa are among the celebrities who came to know about the serial and did not know who it was until the end of the series.

They started dating when the Raja Rani series was aired on Vijay TV and became lovers to go on the series.

But the couple suddenly got married to protest their love at Alya Mansa’s house.

They had a beautiful baby girl in 2020, named Aila. The couple recently had their second baby boy.

The baby was also named Arsh.

Sanjeev with son

Sanjeev-Alia both have a YouTube page. It has the color of a video post on all things. So recently Sanjeev has released a little video of his son.

When Sanjeev is a little Alia tells her son that your beard is going to be pappu. Sanjeev closes the door and goes to see Aila, then says that Posev will come.

Although it is a common thing for a father to have a son, fans are enjoying the celebrity video release.

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