The worst incarnation of GV Prakash in hand .. The nickname that Thampi buys before he grows up

Jivi Prakash, the nephew of AR Raghuvan, first became famous as a composer by composing music for the 2006 film Veil, which was released in Tamil cinema as he also had a passion for music.

He later composed music for a number of films and has since starred in a number of films. However, no film in which he plays a hero runs as far as the eye can tell.

But the producers and directors are still knocking on the door of GV Prakash’s house. Many things are said to be the main reason for that.

GV Prakash in particular says OK to any kind of story though. Although there is a lot of adult content in the film in particular, GV Prakash plays without worrying that the opportunity will go away. Taking such a bad incarnation, he doesn’t even care about the fact that the acting films will ruin him and the growing youth. And salaries do not buy much.

What more do directors and producers want? This will help people not to forget an identity that we are in the film industry.

The money put in the pictures can be taken away somehow. Because now adult films are a little more welcome. So they knock on GV Prakash’s door.

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