The youngest guest came to Jani’s house and gave birth to a son by his wife Neha

Chandigarh (Bureau) – The good news comes from the home of the famous lyricist Johnny. Jani has become a father and his wife Neha has given birth to a son. This was reported by Meera Bachchan, wife of B. Prakash.

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Meera Bachchan shared some posts on Insta Story and congratulated Jani and his wife Neha. Bee Prak’s wife Meera Bachchan is also pregnant and both are about to give birth to their second child soon.


Pictures of a baby shower with Jani’s wife Neha also surfaced a few days ago. In these pictures, Neha and Jani looked very beautiful together.


Speaking of performance, the song ‘Dhokhabaaz’ written by Jani has been released recently. The song is sung by Afsana Khan. The song features Vivek Oberoi and Tridha Chaudhary.

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