There is a crowd to criticize whatever Vijay does! – Fans’ mental turmoil ..

The frustration of Vijay fans

Actor Vijay is currently the top star of Tamil cinema and his films continue to be hugely popular.

But the last Beast film he starred in received much mixed reviews.

In this situation, some of his fans have made it known through a poster that it is so difficult to be successful.

Yes, it says, “He’s not buying any award, he’s called an ordinary award.

If people do not intervene in the problem: the actor who turns the corner is speechless, the film is good: this is an anti-religion film,

Director’s copy, film without logic, whatever it is, there will always be a crowd to tell him, “Vijay fans said in a poster.

Vijay’s Beast, Lamenting Fans Released On OTT In 30 Days Of Release!

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