There is no point in drinking coffee for 10 years .. Vijay Sethupathi could not be important

In the early days, Sun TV was the television that most fans loved. Sun TV entertained fans five days a week with serials and movies on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. Many new televisions came then but Sun TV could not even shake DRP.

Then came the new TV show called Vijay TV. This television, which initially did not impress the fans much, started to impress the fans a little bit with its innovative reality shows. After that it gained a large number of fans who liked a fixed place.

And now Vijay TV has always topped the DRP of many TV channels. So he watched Vijay TV and copied some reality shows in an attempt to recapture where Sun TV had left off somehow.

I mean if Vijay TV’s popular reality show it is Super Singer. It has been running successfully for many seasons. Chandivi copied this and aired the same song as Sun Singer.

This was followed by the show ‘Who’s Gonna Mix It Up and Who’s Gonna Go Crazy’ on Sun TV’s Comedy Junction and many more. But none of this went exactly right.

Next up is the cooking show Cook with the Clown airing on Vijay TV which has a lot of fans. Thus Sun TV staged a cooking show called Master Chef with famous actor Vijay Sethupathi. But this too failed.

Thus, Sandivi copied various programs aired on Vijay TV and aired them on his television channel. But none of that was picked up among the fans. And in a very short span of time, Vijay TV has become the most trusted TV in the country.

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