There is no story written by the movie rich man who will come by himself! Shocked fans ..

The main director is Selvara

Director Selvaragavan is the director who has made a name for himself among the best films in Tamil cinema.

I fell in love, 7G Rainbow Colony, Pudupettai, Selvarajavan has a huge fan base of his own directing classic films like What is Fainting, One in a Thousand.

In this situation, many years later, I will come back to the movie directed by Selvaragavan with Dhanusha.

The story of the film I Will Come Myself

The first look of the film, which has generated great anticipation, has been released to great acclaim. Meanwhile, in the latest box provided by Selvaragavan, he has given some interesting information about the film.

Accordingly Dhanush and Selvaragavan teamed up again to give a good picture and for this we talked about several stories including Puthuppettai 2 and this talk lasted for 6 months.

Then Dhanush came up with a story and the story he told impressed me and was challenging. “I have directed Dhanush’s story and screenplay,” said Selvarajavan.

There is a crowd to criticize whatever Vijay does! – Fans’ mental turmoil ..

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