They have no talent .. Ilayaraja who spoke in praise

The Iranian language film Children of Heaven was shortlisted for the 1998 Oscars. The film lost Best Picture to Titanic. Yet the film was celebrated very well throughout. The director of this film Majeed Majeed is currently the most celebrated director in the world. He directed the recently released India-centric film ‘Beyond the Clouds’.

The world famous movie ‘Children of Heaven’ has been officially remade in Tamil under the title ‘Akka Kuruvi’. Co-produced by Madurai Muthu Movies and Dream Pictures, directed by Sami. The film is composed by musician Ilayaraja. PVR Pictures is releasing on May 6th across Tamil Nadu.

The film focuses on two children, a brother and sister living in a poor family, searching for their lost shoes. The film features three songs. Ilayaraja has written all the three songs. The film Children of Heaven has been remade in Tamil without any major changes.

The music release of this film took place recently. Ilayaraja’s speech in it caught everyone’s attention. In his speech, he said, “On normal days, I usually watch world cinemas. But I would be interested in watching world cinemas. I was so surprised when I saw the movie Child Run of Heaven like that. Putting on a little shoe, I was amazed at how the world of little kids could have been given such a wonderful cinema, so realistic about how they deal with a minor problem.

It was sad why our film was not being shot in our Tamil Nadu. Only when an artist has high thinking and it strikes him, can he create something superior. You can take a picture like this. It is not up to our directors. But our director Sami has changed the story to suit our town as it would be if the same film was shot in our town and made it more interesting and wonderful than the original film.

I think new directors like this have to come and this is the reason why they compose music for films. That is why he composed the music for Mani Ratnam’s first film. Good works should come. These films should be encouraged by the public and films like this should win. Congratulations on the success of this film. ” Has said.

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