They split the heroes and snatched the film opportunity .. Vadivelu at the climax

Vadivelu, who had been missing from films for a few years, is now back in action with Udayanidhi, Mamannan, Nai Sehgar and Siva Karthikeyan. He was missing due to some issues when he was at his peak and fans are waiting for him to make them laugh the old way again.

After the controversy was over, he now attacked some of the Tamil cinema celebrities in an interview with the private media a few months ago and is now going viral. In that interview, Vadivelu cited the film Friends as an example and attacked another great actor.

Both of the characters in the movie Friends are bound to me. I was acting in films with a mindset like that. I would just call the cast Wada Boda. Some people do not like it. Due to this, some of the actors who were friends with me were separated from me.

If I act better than the hero in some films, it can not be tolerated and the heroes have to appeal to the directors. But such an attitude does not exist in the mountainous film industry. Vadivelu had said that the films were made with the aim of making them fit well and achieve good success.

This has now turned against him. It’s a disgrace to call young actors “Wada Boda” without giving them any respect. Fans have also questioned whether he still thinks he has a big market and is indirectly attacking other actors.

While he and the young actor were starring in a comedy-oriented film, Vadivelu was removed from the film due to some disagreements and the film starring another famous comedian was slammed. Photos of Vadivelu starring in the film were recently leaked on websites. The hero, who was a rising star at the time, is now a multi-lingual hit hero. The indirect attack on him has made the fans murmur.

Vadivelu, who has acted in only one film with a popular lead actor, is still being criticized by fans for not revealing his experience in the film. It is noteworthy that the actor, who has just started acting again, has already disappeared without a chance to make such slanderous remarks about actor Vijaykanth.

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