Thiagarajan gave up for MGR .. Proud to have created a new trend in Tamil cinema

In the current Tamil cinema, if a film is to succeed, there is a need to do joint promotions. In addition, the producers are holding a show called Audio Launch to attract the fans.

But the song release ceremony of the film was not such a big event at that time. If the film is a success, it will be followed by events such as Friday celebrations. Actor and director Thiagarajan was the one who created a trend by holding a song release function during that period.

Thiagarajan was the closest person to the revolutionary leader MGR. He was a boxer who unexpectedly entered the cinema. At that point you started acting MGR to him. So Love has commanded us not to do boxing.

Accepting this, Thiagarajan also quit boxing and became a full-time actor. Interested in directing more films, Thiagarajan directed and starred in the film Earthquake in the Flower. He is also the producer of this film.

Thiagarajan, who met MGR after all the work on the film was completed, asked him to release the songs for the film and that you should be the lead. MGR agreed immediately without any objection.

On hearing this, the film industry has teased the Chief Minister on how he can attend such a function. But as voted MGR has featured in attending the ceremony.

Many celebrities came to attend the audio release after hearing about MGR’s arrival. Only then did a trend of audio release emerge in Tamil cinema. In that sense, Thiagarajan is proud to have created such a trend.

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