This actor has no chance to act in AK 62 – Vignesh Sivan Action Result ..

He will not play the villain

Director Vignesh Sivan is currently the lead director of Tamil cinema.

The recently released Waiting Vote Awesome romantic movie directed by him has been getting huge reception among the people and has been getting blockbuster reports.

Meanwhile, Vignesh Sivan is all set to direct Ajith’s 62nd film, which is currently being directed by Vignesh Sivan.

According to reports, Vijay Sethupathi will be playing the villain in AK 62. Vignesh Sivan also answered the question about this.

In it Vijay says that I will always cast Sethupathi only as the protagonist in my films and never cast him as the villain in my films.

Not only Nayanthara but also this actress is starring in Shahrukh Khan movie directed by Aadli!

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