This Emmy-Winning Simpsons Episode spoiled the Entire Series

This Emmy-Winning Simpsons Episode spoiled the Entire Series
This Emmy-Winning Simpsons Episode spoiled the Entire Series

The Simpsons episode “HOMR” is considered a classic, but the discovery that Homer’s habits is due to a brain injury transforms laughter into mockery.

Homer Simpson is one ot Television’s most cherished as well as long-lasting personalities. One episode in the collection drops light on why Homer acts the means he does as well as, in just 25 short minutes, transforms whatever from insanely amusing to terribly unfunny as well as sad.

The series has had its share of questionable episodes, but “HOMR” (with the “R” created in reverse) remains a standout. In the Season 12 episode, Homer comes to be a medical guinea pig in order to earn money after losing his life savings in a fallen short animation business. During the screening, medical professionals uncover that his stupidness is the result of a youth crash. When Homer was bit, he chose to see how many pastels he can fit inside his nose. One pastel continued to be lodged in his brain, therefore lowering his intelligence. The doctors supply to get rid of the crayon, and when they do, Homer’s knowledge rises considerably.

With his newly-gained prowess, Homer comes close to the world with a transformed viewpoint. Homer swiftly learns that intelligence doesn’t equal joy.

His report on the nuclear power plant’s safety and security causes the plant to be shut down and all of his peers to be laid off. It additionally estranges him from his good friends at Moe’s Tavern, that feel that Homer is currently looking down on them because of his intellect. Ultimately, he chooses to have actually the pastel returned (thanks to a back alley procedure from Moe) and also return to his old, somewhat absurd self. Lisa is devastated at the choice, however warmed somewhat by a wholehearted letter left saying just how much Homer appreciates his child’s intelligence.

The episode took house the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (Programming Less Than One Hour). In every episode that has come in the past and also after “HOMR,” audiences have been laughing as well as directing at a male with a mind injury.

Prior to “HOMR,” giggling at Homer Simpson was a simple, natural thing to do. In light of the episode’s discoveries, it’s hard not to feel awkward in those minutes, offered that the giggling comes at the expense of a mentally handicapped person.

Handled its own values, “HOMR” is a well-done episode of The Simpsons. It’s well-written and offers a touching, sincere consider the psychological and intellectual divide that exists between Lisa as well as the other participants of the Simpson family. When seen in the context of the bigger series, it’s difficult to warrant the damage it does to Homer’s character as well as the thinking behind its actions.

Probably the most effective means to enjoy it is to imagine that it occurs outside Simpsons canon, comparable to the Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” installments. Although the episode is still canon, the producers have actually disavowed an installation prior to as well as can do so again. Till that time, and also as long as “HOMR” remains a part of official Simpsons tradition, making fun of Homer’s idiocy will often really feel more like mockery.

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