This is a new hoax .. Bala-Surya put an end to it

Surya is currently starring in his 41st film directed by Bala. Surya is acting in Bala’s direction almost 18 years after the films like Nanda and Pithamagan directed by Bala.

So there has been a longing among the fans as to what this movie will look like. Filming for the film, which stars Keerthi Shetty opposite Surya, is currently in full swing. And for the past one month the shooting of this film has been taking place on the coast and in the surrounding areas.

It was reported that there was a dispute between Bala and Surya during the shooting of the film, which left Surya angry and unable to act in the film.

But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. An information about this film has been released to make it clear. The first phase of the film, which has been shooting in Kanyakumari for the last 34 days, has now been completed.

Surya is currently in Chennai after the shooting due to a break. But by then such a news had spread. Following this, a huge set is being put up in Goa for the next phase of filming at a huge material cost.

After all this, the second phase of filming will take place in Goa for 15 days, according to the film’s producer. He also mentioned that the shooting is going smoothly in the film without any problem. This puts an end to the rumors that have been circulating about Surya for the past few days.

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