This is actress Samantha, this is a video that will amaze the fans- look what she did

Actress Samantha is an example to women in the country even though she is mixed up as the heroine.

It is generally said that a woman cannot continue her dream journey after marriage, but the actress has been achieving her dream after marriage.

Divorce in this country where there is a practice of approaching women who are then divorced but who can show what I can achieve after that.

Workout video of Samantha

No matter how busy he was in the movies he never just stopped exercising.

Now one of his workout videos has been released. In it he climbs the ladder by hand without the support of his legs.

Fans are shocked to see Samantha’s Vida attempt to release this video now.

Here is that video

Do you know how much was collected in Tamil Nadu at the end of two days of waiting voting?

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