This is Arjun’s youngest daughter.? Ready for the next heroine to surpass Akka

Action King Arjun, who has acted as a hero in many films in Tamil cinema, is currently playing the role of a character and a villain. Recently, the Survivor show hosted by him was very well received.

Following that he is currently starring in a few films. Meanwhile, a photo of his second daughter has gone viral on social media. Arjun has two daughters, Aishwarya and Anjana.

In it, Aishwarya made her debut in Tamil cinema opposite Vishal in the film Arjun Pattathu Yanai. Being the daughter of a famous actor she definitely did not get any chance after that film as she was expected to get a round in the cinema.

So he is currently away from the cinema and is having fun with his family. On this occasion his sister Anjana’s birthday was celebrated recently. Photos taken during the ceremony, which was attended by all the family, are currently stirring up social media.

Fans who saw Anjana shining with beauty that surpasses Aishwarya are now describing her. Fans have been praising Anjana saying that the next heroine is ready at Arjun’s house and the directors and producers are going to stand in the queue.

It is said that Arjun is currently planning to cast his second daughter as the cinema opportunity for the first girl is not right. So soon we will see Anjana as the heroine in the lead director’s film.

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