This is how the love story of Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek began

This is how the love story of Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek began

Bollywood film actress Kashmira Shah is celebrating her birthday today. Kashmera Shah is married to famous comedian Krishna Abhishek. Today this opportunity tells you the love story of both.

Kashmera and Krishna are often in discussion. Sometimes about a post and sometimes about a relationship with Govinda. Krishna has a fight with his actor maternal uncle. Kashmera and Krishna also made a big disclosure about their relationship some time back. In an interview, Kashmira had revealed that earlier there was a one night stand between the two, after which their love story progressed. The revelations had created a sensation all around.

In the same interview, Kashmera says, ‘I didn’t know anything about him (Krishna) until we had to do a film together. I knew so much that I had to do a film with Govinda’s nephew. Then, one revelation after another. Kashmera further says, ‘The love between us started with One Night Stand. Krishna also says, “Actually, this happens to everyone, only people don’t accept it. After that night, Kashmera started worrying about me more. She started bringing food for me. Kashmera already Was married though all was not going well. At that time in their marriage. Krishna was very happy when Kashmera decided to part ways with her husband. Kashmera is 12 years older than Krishna but she didn’t care and Named their relationship.Today both are happy with each other and both have twin sons who were through surrogacy.


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