‘This Is Not a Comedy’ Ending, Explained: What Does The Astronaut In Gabriel’s Story Represent?


There is a persevering with debate amongst intellects in regards to the meaning of lifestyles. Some individuals live an erratic lifestyles, whereas others prohibit their lives, play it generous, and always obey the tips. Amongst the comfort of the individuals, there are the ones making an strive to search out meaning in lifestyles; some bring collectively it, some help on searching out, and a few by no system bring collectively it. In “Right here’s now no longer a Comedy,” Gabriel is the protagonist who is deliberately making an strive to search out one thing in his lifestyles that will give desiring to his meaningless lifestyles. Most of his makes an strive failed, and now he’s combating himself, making an strive to existing that there’s soundless meaning in his lifestyles.

‘This Is Now not a Comedy’ Pronounce Summary

Gabriel is a comedian drawing shut his 40s. He has been residing a ways flung from his fogeys in Mexico Metropolis for 15 years, yet his members of the family residing within the same metropolis don’t own any idea about it. He had left his job at a publishing residence to become a comedian, and he became as soon as a hit in that. But at present, he’s now no longer in a discipline to write jokes that will the truth is make individuals chortle. His comedy has become stagnant, because it does with all artists. After losing his simplest means for making individuals chortle, Gabriel feels that nothing is left in his lifestyles. He lacks the incentive to live yet another day.

Gabriel barely has any mates, and he does now no longer procure out of the residence moreover for doing gigs. With such an empty lifestyles, he does now no longer bring collectively inspiration to write comedy sketches. He desires to quit, however has rent and money owed to pay. He desires to exchange his lifestyles, however being a comedian has become his identity in individuals’s eyes. No topic he does, individuals peep him as a comedian doing it as a replace of simply an particular person. In his leisurely 30s, Gabriel is passing his days hustling within the hope of altering his lifestyles.

Leyre – The Non secular Believer 

Gabriel has a girlfriend, Leyre. If Gabriel is discovering meaning in his lifestyles, Leyre has already discovered hers. She believes that aliens communicate with her, and it’s about time she leaves this planet with them. Essentially based mostly on her, her lifestyles on Earth has reached the discontinue of the amethyst, the imaginary mountain of lifestyles. She is pursuing Gabriel to affix her, however he’s now no longer convinced. On the same time, his friend Melissa has requested him to donate his sperm for her exiguous one. He’s perplexed about whether or now no longer he must soundless tear with Leyre or with Melissa, and finally, he chooses Melissa. Gabriel became as soon as single for a in point of fact very lengthy time before he encountered Leyre, now no longer as soon as however various instances, and this led Leyre to place confidence in that there became as soon as some reason on the help of their assembly.

Leyre is religious, and he or she understands the condition that Gabriel is residing in. She tries to support Gabriel bring collectively the sunshine, however he always chooses to assign at lifeless evening. Prior to assembly Leyre, Gabriel pitied himself for now no longer having love in his lifestyles, however now that he has it, he does now no longer cost it. He lives within his head, oblivious to fact. He would possibly possibly well maybe also stare care for the entirety is under administration in his lifestyles, however a straightforward accident of forgetting his residence keys has become so unprecedented of a addiction for him that he calls a locksmith even when he has the keys. As Leyre says, he’s now no longer at peace with himself.

Gabriel – Dwelling Interior His Head

Gabriel lost his gig at a native comedy club, and he had seen it coming. He has began writing a myth at present. Now that he’s broke, he desperately pitches his myth to directors. He desires it to be tailored into a movie, and every person thinks that his idea is unrealistic for a movie. The most one can carry out along with his myth is adapt it into a theatre play, however simplest if it has a comedic contact.

His myth revolves around a female astronaut who becomes the first human to land on Mars, however even after reaching that, she feels hopeless. She had plan to Mars vivid that she wouldn’t be in a discipline to return. Even supposing she is the first human to living foot on Mars, she’s going to no longer be a human residing on Earth. She has left on the help of her lifestyles on Earth and is anxious to search out the unusual meaning of her lifestyles, which she expresses through dancing. He has lost his identity as a comedian, and a author is what he’s making an strive to procure meaning help into his lifestyles.

Gabriel is so associated to this idea that he imagines it every time one thing critical happens in his lifestyles. When Melissa asks him to donate his sperm, he imagines him and Melissa, along with the newborn, being on Mars, when no doubt, Melissa simply desires his sperm however does now no longer favor him to become the father of her exiguous one. The postulate of an astronaut appears to be like to plan from Leyre, who is going to head live with aliens and by no system plan help to Earth. The astronaut always represents Gabriel himself, who is making an strive to search out meaning in his lifestyles.

‘This Is Now not a Comedy’ Ending Explained

Leyre leaves the Earth, and her step-sister holds a funeral in her name. What Leyre believed in appears to be like care for a cult. How she died or did she waste herself is now no longer shown, however in accordance to her comprise belief, the aliens own picked her, and he or she is travelling to yet another galaxy. Meanwhile, Melissa cancels the sperm donation from Gabriel as she will get help with her boyfriend and becomes pregnant. All of the exiguous happiness Gabriel discovered in these two individuals vanishes. The astronaut in his imagination moreover vanishes into skinny air, indicating the lost fight with himself. 

In the rupture, Gabriel’s myth became as soon as printed as a kids’s e book, and it became well-liked amongst children and became a bestseller. On the blueprint in which residence, he hears Leyre’s pronounce on the radio, and he or she calls him, and a spaceship appears to be like, dramatically pulling Gabriel up. Right here’s extremely metaphorical and represents Gabriel at final being at peace with himself. After the entirety is lost, he publishes his final art work, and it being a bestseller provides him the identity of a author, which becomes an accomplishment after various failures. 

As Leyre would insist, he has at final reached the discontinue of his amethyst and is entertaining to go this world. Leaving the arena supposed loss of life for Leyre, however it would possibly possibly most likely well maybe moreover mean the loss of life of his veteran self for Gabriel. Finally, he anticipated critical events in his lifestyles throughout the astronaut. Gabriel at final leaving for yet another galaxy presentations his contentment on this lifestyles.

This Is Now not A Comedy is a 2022 Mexican Drama Comedy movie directed by Rodrigo Guardiola and Gabriel Nuncio. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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