This is our Captain Vijayakanda, look at how he is at a young age

Actor Vijaykanth

Actor Vijayakanth has earned a special place for himself in Tamil cinema with his majestic performance.

Many films starring him, including Ramana, Honest Raj, Chhatriyan, Dumb Eyes, still linger in our minds today.

Politically, Vijaykanth, who was mixed up in both the film industry, suddenly fell ill. Due to this he withdrew from screen life a little bit.

Young adult photo

Also, it has been reported that Vijaykanth, who is currently retiring, has returned to acting. However, no official information has been released so far.

Meanwhile, a young adult photo of actor Vijaykanth has been released. This photo that many have not seen is going viral among the fans.

Here is the photo ..

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