This is possible only for Vijay .. SJ Surya who spoke proudly in the interview

SJ Surya has now gained more fans by playing the villain than acting as the hero. That too is his market peak after the conference film. And currently S J Surya is busy in many films. In this situation, SJ Surya is talking proudly about Vijay in an interview.

Kushi, a super hit film starring Vijay, was directed by SJ Surya. The film was well received by Vijay. SJ Surya then played the villainous role of Daniel Arokiaraj in the Aadli directed Vijay starrer Mersal.

The Mersal film became a blockbuster hit. SJ Surya shared his experiences playing with Vijay in this situation. Films starring Commander Vijay will appeal to all, regardless of age.

She has a lot of child fans for the song and dance she features in the film. Vijay also has a large fan base, ranging in age from six to sixty. This is because Vijay is an expert in acting, dance, comedy and romance.

SJ Surya has said that this is the only time when the Vijay movie is released and the crowds hit the theaters. That means it is very rare for family women to come to the theaters. But when the Vijay movie is released they come as a family with children and watch the movie.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But SJ Surya has said that this is only possible for Vijay films. Vijay’s films have always been blockbuster hits because of their family audience.

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