This is Super Singer fame Senthil Rajalakshmi- their new incarnation, mixed video

The Super Singer show airing on Vijay TV is a platform to brighten the future of many artists.

Senthil-Rajalakshmi impressed the people of Tamil Nadu with this song. Both of them were successful in attending the show with the conclusion that we will not sing cinema songs, only folk songs will be sung on this stage.

After Super Singer

The couple has been singing many songs in the screen world and both of them have been singing their folk song in many concerts locally and abroad.

It was a smash hit to sing the Vaya Sami song featured in the film Rajalakshmi Pushpa. They both run their own studios.

Senthil even starred in a film in between, but it never ran clean.

Album song

The two, who are as busy as photo shoots and singing songs, have recently starred in an album song. The bullet travels throughout the song.

Both of them are very stylish in it.

This dress was put on by a fan of serial actress washing

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