This is the director of AK 63 movie .. Ajith who will be officially announced, fans upset

Actor Ajith Line Up

Ajith is currently H. Vinod plays AK 61 in the direction. Filming for the film is currently in full swing.

Following this film, Vignesh will be making his directorial debut in Sivan’s AK 62. The film is produced by Laika.

After this film, it was rumored that Ajith will be playing the role of Siruthai Siva again in his AK 63 film.

Leopard Siva Open Doc

In this case, when the director asked Siruthai Siva about this, he said, “Ajit Saare will officially say this.”

With this, it is 99% certain that the AK 63 will be directed by Siruthai Siva. However, this information has upset Ajith’s fans.

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