This is the main reason for Beast’s failure .. The test that came to Nelson because it changed the whole story

In general, all the films starring Vijay are successful both commercially and commercially. It was decided with great enthusiasm that the Beast movie started with a huge alliance of Sun Pictures, Vijay, Nelson, Anirudh.

From the very first day of the film, the news was without a famine. All the songs featured in the film were highly acclaimed by the people of the world beyond anyone’s expectation. It was also a plus point for the image release.

This came as a shock to the production company, which had expected the film to receive a different level of reception after its release. The Beast movie, which was released on April 13, received a lot of negative reviews and gave Vijay a bad name.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. There has been no response from Vijay so far. But some information has been received from the director. That is, when the director tells the story of the film to Vijay, it is a family comedy.

But Vijay has advised the director to make some changes in it and turn it into an action comedy film. Vijay is happy to have got the callsheet and the director has made some changes in the film saying yes. This is why the film is currently heading towards failure.

Similarly, the opening ceremony of Vijay 66 has recently started and the first phase of shooting is currently underway in Hyderabad. It has been reported that Vijay has asked the producer to shoot the next phase in Chennai.

The production company also agreed as he was asked to hold it in Chennai for Pepsi workers. Apart from this the production company is confused as to what to do as Vijay is interfering too much in some other things.

Similarly, the production company is now scared of the leaked information that the Beast film is embracing failure because of his high level of involvement. Thus they have directly told Vijay that you just watch the performance and we will definitely give the film as your fans like.

Vijay did not expect them to say this. As a result, there is talk that Vijay has no more respect for Telugu directors than Tamil directors.

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