This is the reason for the failure of the Beast movie, the leader .. Vijay called Rajini

Nelson Dileepkumar is all set to direct Leader 169 with superstar Rajini following the Beast movie. An official announcement has already been made that Anirudh is the main reason behind the film’s making.

Rajini’s close relative Anirudh is the one who tells Rajini about Nelson and he has a wonderful story that you should listen to once. Only then does Rajini hear the story from Nelson.

He agreed to star in the film as the story caught on to him. The directing of Nelson Rajini shortly after he started directing films came as a surprise to many. But the Beast movie is currently running out of this opportunity.

The Beast movie, which was directed by Nelson Vijay, is currently facing many negative reviews. Rajini, who has also seen the film, is also in a dilemma as to whether or not Nelson will star in the direction. Thus, it has been reported that Nelson is not likely to direct the film.

Seeing this, Vijay calls Rajini directly and talks about Nelson. He is an amazing director who has made a few mistakes in this film for something. But surely you will not make any mistake like that. I was told to change the story in a few places in the Beast movie, and that’s what added so many negative reviews.

He has spoken in support of Nelson that he will definitely win if you give him a chance. After that Rajini also decides to remove the confusion and act in this film. Fans who have heard about this thing that Vijay is currently doing are praising him for his good mood.

And Vijay who is very quiet got used to being very lively with everyone during the filming of this movie. In their recent interview, Vijay praised Nelson. Currently this incident is an example of that.

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