This is the son of Bharathi Kannamma serial fame Parina, the latest click-viralizing fans

It has become possible for anyone in cinema to act now, but only the talented get a huge reach.

Barina, who has been making her debut as a heroine on the iconic screen since she was a presenter for the past few years, is through a beauty serial.

Although he has acted in a number of iconic serials, it was the Bharati Kannamma series aired on Vijay that gave him great reach.

Parina as Venpaa

The role of Venpaa in this series is very much to the liking of Parina who acted in it without taking a break while she was pregnant.

Barina is currently acting without a cape even after having a baby.

Photo of son

The birth of a son to Barina is something we all know. Barina, who has released only a few pictures so far, has released a photo of herself going out with her son and husband.

Fans have been sharing the photo a lot to be sure his son is so cute in it.

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