This is the whole story of the Beast movie! Viral photo on the internet …

Beast in anticipation

The highly anticipated Beast movie directed by Nelson and starring Commander Vijay will be released on the 13th.

The Beast movie trailer was recently released and has amassed 30+ million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

The already highly anticipated Beast has further heightened interest in the recently released trailer film.

In this case, the US-based Galaxy Theater has released a photo of the Beast movie Synposis.

This is the story of the film!

It said, “International terrorists are taking control of a troubled part of the city. The Indian government is being threatened with demanding the release of the leader of the terrorist organization.”

The head of the unit set up to catch the terrorists is known to be a former officer of the RAW Agent organization in the area captured by the terrorists. Following this, they seek his help to rescue those captured by the terrorists.

The former officer begins to act against the terrorists. As part of this, the government agrees to release the leader of the terrorist organization. In this case, the former intelligence officer acted cleverly to rescue the captives from the terrorists and eliminate the terrorists. ”

Fans criticize what Vijay TV did to hostess Priyanka!

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